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Half Fast Ski Club



Who would have thought that a “one time” ski trip in December, 1978 would be the beginning of an annual event that would span over 40 years? That is exactly what has happened after seven co-workers in a technology company decided to ski in Vail, Colorado after attending a sales meeting at the Stapleton Plaza Hotel in Denver in 1978.


During the following years, the group adopted the name, “Half Fast Ski Club,” and the growing popularity of the annual trip attracted many other participants. By the late 1980’s, a limit of twenty-five participants per trip was established due to the increasing complexity of managing the trip logistics.


In March, 2018 the Half Fast Ski Club (HFSC) celebrated its 40th anniversary at Vail, returning to the location where it all began.  Three of the participants in the 40th anniversary celebration were participants in the inaugural trip in 1978. Over the 40 year history of the HFSC, there have been more than 60 different participants on trips to twenty-eight major ski resorts in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, California, British Columbia, and Alberta.


Current HFSC members are geographically dispersed representing Arizona, Florida, Tennessee, Colorado, Massachusetts, Canada, Australia, Germany and Austria; however, we all have one thing in common….we love to ski. And, we enjoy the camaraderie of apres ski beer, soaking in the hot tub, preparing group dinners, good wine and liar’s dice.


The HFSC schedules one ski trip annually, typically in February. Trips are completely self-managed by the members; including air and ground transportation, lodging, lift tickets and ski rentals, food and drink purchasing, and evening meals preparation. The lodging selection, typically condos, must offer ski in and ski out access. Other HFSC trip requirements include no shared beds, on-site hot tub, one larger condo unit to be used for group activities, kitchen facilities, and a gas grill.


Each trip includes three days of skiing, with arrival on Wednesday and departure on Sunday. Traditionally, the HFSC has a celebration dinner at a resort restaurant on the last night at which the members select the location for the next year’s trip and the trip coordinator. The trip coordinator leads the finalizing of trip dates, condo selection, and collection of trip deposits from the members.


The Half Fast Ski Club….Going Downhill for over Forty Years!