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HFSC Traditions

Over the years, a number of traditions have been established:

    • New HFSC members are initiated by jumping out of the hot tub and rolling in the snow.
    • If a member misses a year, he has to be re-initiated by again rolling in the snow on the next trip.
    • Gorilla boogers and Dove bars are HFSC food staples. Along with beer and wine, they make up the HFSC basic food groups.
    • Chris Reid introduced in-condo ski hot wax and tune-ups in the 90’s, although this has ceased to be a regular occurrence
    • The location of the next trip and the trip leader are discussed and decided upon at the Saturday night dinner, facilitated by Frank Rottier, with much lobbying and pre-Saturday night discussion during the ski days prior.
    • Lee introduced liar’s dice and later added Pig.
    • Rob Crain was an early adopter of video cam technology and began videoing the group skiing in the late 80’s. Rob’s first video camera was as big as a loaf of bread. This has evolved over the years with the advances in technology. Today, a helmet mounted GoPro camera and smart phones record most of the video and pictures.
    • Chris Reid introduced poker pool in Jackson Hole.
    • Chris also introduced the daily tracking of vertical skied using his digital watch/altimeter.
    • The HFSC prepares in-condo dinners on Wed, Thu, and Fri nights.
    • We have breakfast in the condo and meet for lunch on the mountain
    • Annual HFSC ski video production started in 2007-Jackson Hole. On the first evening of the trip each year, the video for the previous year’s trip is screened…. And enjoyed!
    • Apres ski beer/wine and hot tub soaks are mandatory.
    • Certain meals have also become annual traditions – Rob Adams’ spicy mélange, Chris Reid’s BBQ ribs and Caesar salad, and until recently, Frank Rottier’s chicken
    • Official HFSC branded apres ski wear has been introduced – hats, T-shirts and pullovers
    • Another very important tenet of the HFSC, disrupted for a few years with unfortunate results, is that it is for men only, although we would make an exception for Lindsay Vonn