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Location HFSC


40th Anniversary

Participants: Don Bogle, Kevin Bogle, Frank Rottier, Rob Adams, Richard Corles, Rob Crain, Mark Hammer, Sam Hawkins, Lowell Middleton, Chris Reid, Jon Rottier, Peter Smith, and Ed Szkaradnik.

Steamboat HFSC
40th Anniversary

Participants: Chris Reid, Gerry Sullivan, Richard Corles, Jeff Mikos, Bill Williams, Lee Williams, Jon Rottier, Frank Rottier, Ed Szkaradnik, Mark Hammer, Rob Crain, Peter Smith, Rob Adams, Kevin Bogle, and Don Bogle

Jackson Hole HFSC

Participants: Frank Rottier, Jon Rottier, Lee Williams, Bill Williams, Don Bogle, Kevin Bogle, Peter Smith, Chris Reid, Mark Hammer, and Rob Adams. Mark was the trip coordinator, and, once again, he did a great job.

Crested Butte HFSC

Participants: Bernd Meier, Leopold Plattner, Mark Hammer, Peter Smith, Lee Williams, Frank Rottier, Jon Rottier, Chris Reid, Rob Crain, Ed Szkaradnik, and Lowell Middleton.

Park City HFSC

Participants: Don Bogle, Kevin Bogle, Rob Crain, Mark Hammer, Lowell Middleton, Chris Reid, Frank Rottier, Ed Szkaradnik, Peter Smith, and Lee Williams. Kevin re-joined the group after skiing with the HFSC three years ago in Telluride.


Participants: Rob Adams, Mark Hammer, Lowell Middleton, Rob Crain, Chris Reid, Frank Rottier, Jon Rottier, Bernd Meier, Leopold Plattner, Peter Smith, Ed Szkaradnik, Lee Williams, and Don Bogle

Big Sky HFSC

Participants: Peter Smith, Don Bogle, Chris Reid, Rob Adams, Mark Hammer, Rob Crain, Frank Lynott, Frank Rottier, Lee Williams, Lowell Middleton, and HFSC first timer, Ed Szkaradnik.

Telluride HFSC

Participants: Peter Smith, Kevin Bogle, Don Bogle, Lee Williams, Frank Rottier, Mark Hammer, Chris Reid, Frank Lynott, and HFSC first timer, Lowell Middleton

Beaver Creek - Vail HFSC

Participants: Jack Punzak, Lee Williams, Don Bogle, Chris Reid, Frank Rottier, Frank Lynott, Peter Smith, Roc Crain, Mark Hammer, and Frank Rottier’s brother-in-law, Richard Keating.

Snowmass - Aspen HFSC

Participants: Frank Rottier, Lee Williams, Don Bogle, Chris Reid, and Rob Crain

Sun Valley HFSC

Participants: Rob Crain, Peter Smith, Lee Williams, Jack Punzak, Chris Reid, Don Bogle and HFSC first timer, Rob Adams

Jackson Hole HFSC

Participants: Lee Williams, Boris Pavichevich, Chris Reid, Jack Punzak, Peter Smith and Don Bogle